Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Chad....

I feel terrible...I started this blog and then..My home was robbed and they stole my computer and camera!! I haven't stopped making cards, in fact, it's helped saved my sanity on several occasions over the last month or so!

Chad calls this photo Chadastan....hmmm. Handsome devil though, isn't he?

Later, pics of those darling grandbabies of mine and then..who knows??? Cards????

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  1. Stupid Blogspot. :::sigh::: I just lost my first comment to you!
    I'm SO sorry to hear about your electronics getting stolen!!!!!!!!! Chad IS rather handsome. :D
    I'm glad you enjoyed my tutorial for the Valentine's treat. :) I'll be posting another tutorial on Saturday, but it's just a pillow box. I don't think I'm ever going back to just photos for a tutorial, though! LOL! Video's much FASTER!!!!
    Have a wonderful day! BE BLESSED!!!