Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun at my House!!

The ladies came over on Saturday for a little Stamp Time! It's been so long since we've been together and we had the BEST time...we just wish that everyone could have been here! Aileen will be hosting at her house next month - so keep in touch and we hope to see you all then!

To see what you missed -
Stephany...with that smile that is always on her face!

Aileen is focused on making her piece fit....someday we're going to show her how to use a ruler FIRST!!

Ellie stopped by to say hello and joined in on all the fun!

Using the Sweet Centers for Halloween! No...we did NOT eat all of the candy corn!

This is the cover of the waterfall scrapbook card I demo'd

Page one

Pages 2 - 3

Page 4 - 5

Pages 6 - 7

Pages 8 - 9

Pages 10 - 11 and the back cover that slides out.

Looks hard...but really so easy!!!

This is embarrassing to use my card as the example of the card that Steph demo'd for us....I think I was leaning when I placed my center piece on!

I do know that this paper from the Mini is going on my next order...this paper is gorgeous!!

Aileen shared a quick gift good for any time using Upsy Daisy and inside is the 3 x 3 post it notes. I am SO glad that she showed us to use the crimper on the left...or I would have been scoring that thing until suppertime!!

We had the MOST fun making Aileen's cheerleaders!! Every one of them was different and of course, being the competitive group that we are, each one HAD to be better than the one someone else did!

Mine has no eyes/face....which upsets Aileen terribly...but I know when I have reached my limit...and the "eyes" do not have it!

Hope to see everyone next month...maybe Steph will bring her chocolate covered strawberries again!!!

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  1. Thanks Becky for being excited for me today. Hope you are crafting away on this glorious day!

    When's the next get together???